September 9(Thur)
PHM Theory and Methods I
Ballroom 1, 
16:30~17:30 KST
P00036 Diagnosis of Smart Composite Laminates for Delamination and Temperature Variations using Lamb Waves and Unsupervised Features
Seo Gu Park, Asif Khan*, and Heung Soo Kim (Dongguk University), Donghyeon Ryu (New Mexico Tech), Seung Kyum Choi (Georgia Institute of Technology)
P00039 Alternate Multitask Learning Method for Fault Detection Model in Semiconductor Manufacturing
sangyeop Kim and Sungzoon Cho* (Seoul Nat'l University)
P00048 Real-time Damage Detection in Smart Composite Laminate by Applying Data Augmentation and Transfer Learning
Yeong Rim Noh, Asif Khan, Izaz Raouf, and Heung Soo Kim* (Dongguk univ.), Jung Woo Sohn (Kumoh National Institute of Technology)
P00106 Equipment Defect Detection using Thermal Imaging Differential
seohyun Jang (Inha University), Jihyun Kim and Joohyung Kim* (University)
P00108 POSS and Thiourea-based Polymers Affected on Response of Chemical Warfare Agent Simulants
Bong-Gyu Bae and Hyewon Park (인하대학교), Young-Jun Lee (Inha University), Joo-Hyung Kim* (인하대학교)
P00109 Effect of Internal Stress on Printed Layer in Roll-to-Roll Winding Systems
Jaehyun Noh (Konkuk University), Seung-Kyum Choi (Georgia Institute of Technology), Changwoo Lee* (Konkuk University)
P00111 Recognition of Human Body Activities by An Integrated Sensing System
Kyeong ho Shin, Hyeon Jung Kwon, and Joo-Hyung Kim* (INHA University)
P00117 Deep Scattering Coefficient Features based Rotate Vector (RV) Reducer Fault Segregation
Hyewon Lee, Sungjun Kim, Ali Rohan, Izaz Raouf, and Heung Soo Kim* (Dongguk University), Soobum Lee (University of Maryland Baltimore County)
P00125 Online Condition Monitoring of IGBT Modules Using Inverter Output Parameters
Jaewook Oh, Inhwan Kim, Inhyeok Hwang, and Namsu Kim* (Konkuk University)
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