September 9(Thur)
PHM Theory and Methods II
Ballroom 2, 
16:30~17:30 KST
P00129 Fault Detection and Classification in Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machine Using Signal Injection
Inhwan Kim, Younghun Lee, Jaewook Oh, and Namsu Kim* (Konkuk University)
P00131 A Remaining Useful Life Prediction for PMSM Using Particle Filter
Younghun Lee, Inhwan Kim, Sikgyeong Choi, Jaewook Oh, and Namsu Kim* (Konkuk University)
P00081 Performance Assessment of Sparse Sampling-Based Nonlinear Reduced-Order Model for the Analysis of Hyperelastic Materials
Yujin So and Jaehun Lee* (Dongguk University)
P00100 A study on the structural design optimization of a co-axial shrouded drone based on surrogate modeling and CFD simulation
Seung Hee Cheon, Jaehyun Park, and Jaehun Lee* (Dongguk University), Soobum Lee (University of Maryland, Baltimore County)
P00059 Feature Scaling for Improving Accuracy of Multi-Fault Classification Models
Yoojeong Noh*, Seungil Kim, Young-Jin Kang, and Solichin Mochammad (Pusan National University)
P00080 Feedback LSTM model based PHM system
Oheun Kwon (Keimyung University), Nam H. Kim* (University of Florida)
P00153 Generating Data for PHM of A New Design using DGAN considering Design Variable Uncertainty
Minsung Kang (University), Yeongmin Yoo and Jongsoo Lee* (Yonsei University)
P00157 Classification of Time-series Data based on Anomaly Detection Method
Yejin Kang (Yonsei University), Juin Kim (Hyundai Kia Motors Group), Jongsoo Lee* (Yonsei University)
P00102 Monitoring Method in High Voltage Electrical Equipment by Infrared Thermography
JUN SU LEE, Joo-Hyung Kim*, and Jihyun Kim (INHA University), Ju-Sik Kim (Korea Hydro and Nuclear Power), Jae-Hong Kim (INHA University)
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