September 9(Thur)
PHM Applications
Ballroom 3, 
16:30~17:30 KST
P00152 A Research on Diagnosis and Prognosis of Autonomous Electric Vehicle Platforms
Yeongmin Yoo and Jongsoo Lee* (Yonsei University)
P00116 Defective Prediction in the Foaming Process by Ensemble Algorithm
Nakhun Choi (Kongju National University), Keysun Kim (Eastern FTC), Jongseok Oh* (Kongju National University)
P00127 Shaft Misalignment Detection in Interior Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor with Flexible Coupling
Junho Lee, Namsu Kim*, and Younghun Lee (Konkuk University), Jaewook Oh (Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering)
P00141 Development of Non-destructive Testing Method Using Low Current  for Robotic Spot-welding Quality Based on Machine Learning Algorithm
Inwoong Noh, Jiwoong Lee, Yong Jae Jeon, Yongho Lee Lee, and Sang Won Lee* (Sungkyunkwan University)
P00142 Reliability Evaluation of Shape Memory Alloy-based Soft Textile Actuators
Ju-Hee Lee, Min-Woo Han*, and Jin Shin (Dongguk University)
P00144 A Study on Bearing State Diagnosis Model Based on Artificial Intelligence
Sujong Kim, Chang Ho Lee, and Sang Won Lee* (Sungkyunkwan University)
P00146 A Study on Fabric Condition Diagnosis Based on Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) Algorithm
Chang Ho Lee, Jiwoong Lee, Youngwoon Choi, and Sang Won Lee* (Sungkyunkwan University)
P00120 Acoustic Wave-based Chemical Sensors for Chemical Warfare Agent Monitoring
Sanjeeb Lama (Inha University), Sivalingam Ramesh (Dongguk University), Young-Jun Lee and Joo-Hyung Kim* (Inha University)
P00132 A Study on the Pipeline Damage Isolation using Smart Valve with SVM-based Detection Algorithm
Jin-woo Park, Byungchang Jung*, Seok-jun Moon, and Seok-Jo Yang (Korea Institute of Machinary and Materials)
P00133 Effect of Binder Constraint on Chemo-mechanical Response of Li-ion Batteries 
Jin-woong Choi, Yasir Ali, Noman Iqbal, and Seungjun Lee* (Dongguk University)
P00134 Molecular Dynamics Simulation for Stress –strain Response of LiCoO2 using Dynamic Charges and 2NNMEAM
Ijaz Ul Haq and Seungjun Lee* (Dongguk University)
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